One must know not just how to accept a gift, but with what grace to share it.Maya Angelou

We Foster Education

Paseo Jewelers views that education is the best tool in battling poverty on both the individual and economic levels. And that is why we are proud to donate to the kids under wonderful organizations such as HOLA (Heart of Los Angeles) that provide an invaluable service of providing underserved youth with exceptional programs in academics.

We Encourage Excellence

Not only does HOLA help us foster education, this incredible non-profit allows us to help kids that are athletically or artistically gifted, but don’t have the necessary means to allow their gifts to shine. With the help from our Angels, Paseo Jewelers is making their lives a little better when no one else will.

We Practice Honesty

Sometimes it’s hard to do the research and search for a deserving organization. Coupled with the fact that you don’t necessarily know where your donation is going, giving to charity can be a doubtful thing. However, our customers trust us due to our incredibly visible process.

We Create Fun

We love doing what we do. Mainly because we have fun while doing it. And giving back is part what we love, so, of course, we’re going to make it a fun, loving experience for both parties involved.

About Our Process

No Donations

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    All this is possible because of our Angels, or as we like to call them: our customers.

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    We let our customers know that part of their purchase is allowing us, together, to give back to our community.

  • 03

    Once the transaction is made, our customer turns into an angel and we become the messenger.

Monthly Events

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    Once a month, Paseo Jewelers conducts an event. An event is something you like do and go to; that is why we call our donations events.

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    In these events, employees from all departments of Paseo Jewelers gather at our organizations we sponsor for a personal day of giving back to kids in our community.

All Documented

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    Every miracle – ahem, I mean purchase – is documented with a picture of our Angel holding a shopping bag.

  • 02

    This picture is then posted on our website and social media accounts accrediting our Angel for their generosity.

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    Also visible on our pages are pictures of our events. Our Angels get to see the joy they’ve brought to these kids’ lives in their smiles.

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    View our timeline of charity events here!